Laser Science Lab
Trip to Elk Island National Park. Left to Right: Gil Porat, Tomas Velez Acosta, Christina Strilets, and Jerry Li.
Welcome back, Alex!
Sakib (left) and Saeid (right) demonstrating yet another use for a towel - establishing safe social distance (Towel Day, May 25, 2020).

Welcome Michael! Left to right: Gil Porat, Sakib Adnan, Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, Michael Lanyon.

Industry visit at LUXMUX. Left to right: Yonathan Dattner (LUMUX president), Saeid Ebrahimzadeh (PhD student), Sakib Adnan (MSc student), Gil Porat.

End of summer pizza party. Clockwise from left: Jared Hogenson, Chase Wrenn, Oleksandr Antonenko, Sakib Adnan, Alex Murray.

Clockwise from bottom left: Alex Murray, Chase Wrenn, Ayaan Ahmed, Gil Porat, Jared Hogenson, Afridee Islam Alif, Oleksandr Antonenko.
Ayaan's foosball sendoff.
End of summer group lunch. Left to right: Jerry Li, Campbell Rea, Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, Matthew Thomson, Gil Porat.
Saeid's not-a-BBQ backyard get-together. Left to right: Campbell Rea, Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, Matthew Thomson, Jerry Li. Behind the camera: Gil Porat.
Photo-op with Prof. Jun Ye after he delivered the Annual Quantum Lecture at qConnect 2023. Left to right: James Maldaner, Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, Gil Porat, Jun Ye, Campbell Rea, Jerry Li.
Celebrating James' paper in sickness and in health, with cake! Left to right: Campbell Rea, Matthew Thomson, James Maldaner (on screen), Jerry Li, Saeid Ebrahimzadeh. Behind the camera: Gil Porat.
Hanging out with cats at the Cat Cafe. Left to right: a cat, Jerry Li, another cat, Campbell Rea, Gil Porat, Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, James Maldaner.
Celebrating Jerry's paper with Mochi! Left to right: Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, James Maldaner, Campbell Rea, Jerry Li. Behind the camera: Gil Porat.
Hosting Nobel laureate, Prof. Donna Strickland, in our lab. Left to right: Gil Porat, Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, Donna Strickland, Jerry Li, James Maldaner, Campbell Rea. Behind the camera: Prof. Robert Fedosejevs.
Visit to the University of Alberta Botanic Garden organized by Campbell. Thanks, Campbell! Left to right: James' water bottle, James Maldaner, Campbell Rea, Gil Porat, Jerry Li, Matthew Thomson.